The International Regulation for the Biosafety
What is the Cartagena Protocol?

 The Cartagena Protocol is what set the rule to control international transfers of LMOs based on “The Convention on Biological Diversity,” which aims at conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity on the earth. (Medicine for human beings is excluded from this rule.)
 The outline is,

・Exporter or exporting country of LMOs that are used for intentional introduction into the environment, for example cultivation, have to announce their partners in advance. Importing countries assess the effect of the LMOs on biological diversity and then decide whether or not they approve the importation based on AIA procedure.

・In regards to the genetically modified crops for the use as food, feed, or for processing, the AIA procedure is not required. However, when domestic utilization is decided, the information must be shared through BCH (Information System).

・It also provides for rules about handling, packing and identification of exporting LMOs.