Conditions for the Use of Living Modified Organisms

 Today, LMOs have been developed and used in many countries around the world.
 For example, in the field of agriculture, genetically modified crops which possess the abilities to specific chemical resist herbicides and agriculture pests, are created from soybean, maize, rapeseed, etc. The cultivated area of genetically modified crops is increasing every year.

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The main genetically modified crops are soybean, maize, cotton, and rapeseed, and these four items occupy almost all of cultivated area of genetically modified crops.

 In the U.S. and Canada, (main import trading partners of Japan for soybean, maize, and rapeseed), the percentage of the cultivated area of genetically modified crops is high, and it leads to a high percentage of genetically modified crops in Japan’s import trading by these countries. (Graphs do not show the actual percentage of imported genetically modified crops.) These genetically modified crops are mostly used for oil and feed.
 Additionally, various LMOs are developed and used in Japan.
For example:
- Flowers with color that cannot get under the conventional technology, such as blue roses
- Recombinant viruses to use for cancer treatment
- Microbes which produce reagents or medicines, such as insulin, used for the treatment of diabetes