Japan Biosafety Clearing House

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 Biosafety Regulations in Japan
This page provides  Cartagena protocol domestic law and related regulations ( not Formal translation).
This page provides information on the approved LMOs under Cartagena Protocol domestic law.

□ LMO of which Type 1 Use Regulation is approved under the Cartagena Protocol domestic Law
   Approved LMOs in 2022(1) 2016(17)  2015(29)  2014(19)  2013(52)  2012(27)  2011(23)  2010(17)  2009(18)  2008(19)  2007(29)  2006(31)  2005(33)  2004(24)
Date of the approval Name of the type of Living Modified Organism Applicant Type 1 Use Regulation Risk assessment
2022-3-7 Rice with overproduced Rubisco (RBCS2-sense, Oryza sativa L) (Sr-26-8) Tohoku University -