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International Year of Biodiversity × COP10

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COP10/MOP5 logo

The logo illustrates the harmony of humanity and diverse living beings, with a figure of parent and child at the center of a circle of origami* plants and animals. The parent and child express the desire to pass on abundant biodiversity to future generations. The origami symbolizes the wisdom and culture of Japan.
*Japanese traditional art of paper folding.

At COP10, representatives from more than 190 countries and regions worldwide will evaluate the achievement of the 2010 biodiversity target adopted at the 2002 COP6 meeting "to achieve by 2010 a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss? and hold discussions on setting subsequent targets, revising the Strategic Plan, otherwise determining the future direction for the Convention on Biological Diversity, and forming international rules. The logo arrangement of diverse origami into a circle also signifies that as the host country of COP10/COP-MOP5, which is expected to draw nearly 10,000 people from Japan and overseas, Japan will preside at the meeting with Japanese sensibility while giving consideration to the conditions in each country.

Biodiversity ? MISIA Project (Ministry of the Environment):Original Message Cards & Poster

Original message cards ? 3 types&Original poster





An original poster has been prepared for use by companies and organizations as a promotional tool for Biodiversity × MISIA Project (Ministry of the Environment). Persons who would like to use this poster at events, shops, or other locations should please access the URL below and send a request mail to the Secretariat of Committee for Life on Earth.
http://www.iybj.jp/contact/index.html (Japanese only)