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The Terms of Use

1.Using the content on Biodiversity Center of Japan website

Information made available on Biodiversity Center of Japan, Ministry of the Environment (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) may be freely used, copied, publicly transmitted, translated or otherwise modified on condition that the user complies with provisions 1) to 6) below, with the exception of Content where other terms of use are applied. Commercial use of Content is also permitted (For content where other terms of use apply, please refer to Section 2. Content where other terms of use apply) .
 Use of the Content constitutes agreement by the user with these terms of use for using the Content described herein (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”).
1)Source citation
a The user must cite the source when using the Content. Sources should be cited in the following manner:
  (Examples of source citation)
  • Source: Report of Vegetation Survey on 3rd National Basic Survey on Natural Environment (Biodiversity Center of Japan, Ministry of the Environment). (URL of the relevant page)
  • Source: Ikimono Log data at Jan. 1st 2013 (Biodiversity Center of Japan, Ministry of the Environment) . (URL of the relevant page)
b If you have edited the Content for use, you must include a statement expressing that the content has been edited, in
  addition to the abovementioned source citation. Making public or using edited information in a format that may be
  misconstrued as having been created by the Government of Japan (or its ministries and/or agencies) is prohibited.
  (Example of citation when using edited content)
  • This map is modified from GIS data of 1:25,000 scale vegetation map created by Biodiversity Center of Japan, Ministry of the Environment. (URL of the relevant page)
  • This map was created by ○○company using Ikimono Log data of Biodiversity Center of Japan, Ministry of the Environment at Jan. 1st 2013. (URL of the relevant page)
2)No infringement of third party rights
a In some cases, a third party (refers to a party other than the state. Hereinafter referred to as “Third Party”) may hold
  copyrights or other rights to a part of the Content. For Content where a Third Party holds copyrights or other rights (e.g.
  portrait rights in a photograph, publicity rights etc.), it is the responsibility of the user to obtain consent for use from the
  Third Party unless there is explicit indication that the rights have already been cleared.
  (Example of Third Party rights)
  • Copyrights and other rights of contribution information in Ikimono Log belong to contributors.
  • Internet Laboratory images of Lake Mashu, Mt. Asahidake Daisetsu and Jodogahama beach.
b If a Third Party holds rights to a part of the Content, said fact may be directly or indirectly stated or indicated
  through source citations, but in some cases the part of the Content to which the Third Party holds the rights may not be
  clear or may not be explicitly stated. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm the rights pertaining to use of the
c The user must comply with the terms and conditions of the source provider for Content obtained through API (Application
  Programming Interface) links to external databases etc.
d Even if a Third Party holds copyrights to the Content, some use of the Content, such as quoting, may be allowed without
  the consent of the copyright holder, under the Copyright Act of Japan.
3)Prohibited use
a The Content must not be used in the following ways:
  • (a)Usage that violates laws and ordinances, regulations, or public policy *
  • (b)Usage that represents a threat to the safety of the state and/or its citizens
* Usage violating public policy means criminal use, use that is contrary to moral principles (marital order, sexual morality),
  use that severely restricts personal freedom, profiteering or unfair dealings etc.
4)Governing law and jurisdiction
a The Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
b In case of disputes relating to the use of the Content based on the Terms of Use, or the Terms of Use, the user agrees
  that the exclusive court of first instance shall be the district court with jurisdiction in the place where the organization
  that has published the disputed Content or Terms of Use is located.
a The state bears absolutely no responsibility for any action taken by the user involving the use of the Content (including
  use of information based on edited Content).
b The Content may be modified, moved or deleted without prior notice.
a The Terms of Use does not limit those types of uses for which, under Copyright Act of Japan, license from the right
  holders are not required.
b The Terms of Use was established on Nov. 14th 2014 The Terms of Use is based on the Government of Japan Standard
  Terms and Conditions (Version 1.0). The Terms of Use may be modified in the future. Further, the Terms of Use shall be
  reviewed for revision in fiscal 2015.

2.Content where other terms of use apply

 Terms of use other than the Terms of Use herein shall apply to the following Content. Please refer to the relevant link(s)
 below for details.

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