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National Wildlife Protection Areas

*Example of data display
Data name National Wildlife Protection Areas
Scale of original drawings 1/50,000, etc.
Overview In order to protect wildlife and its reproduction, the Wildlife Protection and Hunting Law designates necessary areas as Wildlife Protection Areas and prohibits the capturing of wildlife. Please click here for detail on the wildlife protection system.
Data is polygonized by classification of a wildlife protection area, a special protection area and a special protection designated area. Please click here for the description of the wildlife protection area system.
View Areas and Borders of National Wildlife Protection Areas
Download Data on National Wildlife Protection Areas (national data; Shape format)

*This data has been created for indicating the overview of designed areas. As various activities are regulated in the National Park Areas, please contact your local MOE office when an area in which an act subject to regulation such as installing a structure needs to be confirmed.
*There are no official English name of area name, category name, and class name for wildlife protection area. These names described in data and download page are provisional name for convenience.
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