English Name
Scientific Name
Body Length
RDB Category
: Japanese Crane (Red-Crowned Crane)
: Grus japonensis
: 130-170cm
: Threatened II

Japanese Crane

    Japanese Crane distributes in the northeastern part of Mongolia and China, and in Ussuri and Amur region of Russia. It migrates to wide wetlands in the eastern Hokkaido Island in breeding season. It lives with a partner and sometimes with their young. Although their main diet is small fishes, insects, and amphibians, it often gathers at feeding place by human, such as Akan-cho town and Tsurui-mura village in winter. It was endangered in the last Taisho-era (early twenty century) due to wetland development. The population, however, has increased since 1940's thanks to the effort of feeding by local participants, and it is over 600 individuals in 1998.