English Name
Scientific Name
Body Length
RDB Category
: Blakiston's Fish Owl
: Ketupa blakistoni blakistoni
: About 70cm
: CR (Threatened II: Critical Endangered)

Blakiston's Fish Owl

    Brakiston's Fish Owl distributes in the central and eastern Hokkaido Island. It's habitat is forests along rivers or around lakes. It nests in holes of large tree stems. Parents continue to feed their young for a year even after their fledging. Main diet is fishes like trout and small mammals like mouse. Its population is decreasing due to lost of huge trees by deforestation and reduction of fishes by river construction, and estimated at 100 individuals or so in 1998. Ministry of the Environment promotes the conservation projects of birdhouse setting and captured breeding at Kushiro-Shitsugen Wildlife Center. Additionally, Kushiro City Zoo also has its breeding program.