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National Park
ąŁDaisetsuzan National Park 226,764 ha.:(Dec. 4, 1934)

Daisetsuzan National Park has the largest area of all the national parks in Japan. Embracing several volcanic mountains, including Mt. Tomuraushi, Mt. Asahi (2,290m) and Mt. Tokachi, the area is called as the "roof of Hokkaido".
There are extensive forests of spruce and fir on mountain slopes, and many picturesque gorges and ravines in upper reaches of rivers. Soun-Kyo gorge and Tennin-Kyo gorge are the most representative ones, and rhyolites close to their banks show us beautiful joints. In the high mountain area, alpine flora is plenty, and rare animals such as hazel grouse and Naki-usagi (Ochotona hyperborea vesoensis) are inhabiting.
There are many hot spring resorts in piedmont area. Visiting gorges, ravines and hot-spring resorts is very enjoyable, and especially hiking and/or climbing mountains is the best way to enjoy this national park, particularly in summer season. Mt. Tokachi and Mt. Asahi provide large-scale skiing grounds in winter.
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