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National Park
ąŁAkan National Park 90,481 ha,:(Dec, 4, 1934)

This is a park with volcanoes, primeval forests and caldera lakes, situated in the eastern part of Hokkaido. There are three calderas of world scale-Akan, Kussharo and Ma-shu-which are filled with water, forming Lake Akan, Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu. Lake Mashu has particular water clarity and known as a "mysterious lake".
Hemming these lakes are Mt. Meakan, Mt. Oakan and Mt. Kamuinupuri, all covered with spruce and fir forests and creeping pines. There are many rare plants such as marimo (cladophora sauteri) in Lake Akan. Bihoro Pass and Lake Mashu command splendid views, and Kawayu, Teshikaga and the shores of Lake Akan are known as hot spring resorts whose best season is from early summer to autumn. In winter, this park affords excellent skating and skiing grounds. Teshikaga and Bihoro are located in the areas of gateway to the park where various types of accommodation can be available.
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